What would it look like if our species existed in the universe as unobtrusive surveyors? What if through some speculative third eye we could foresee the consequences of every new technology and agreed to only adopt it in the service of a human utopia? And what if we could compute the parameters of a human species that humbly allows itself to be vanquished by natures revenge? My work centers around these questions. I embrace utopian vision as a critical necessity for modern myth making, and to me, part of utopia is deference to the natural world. Through drawing, painting and sculpture, I hope to create a body of figurative works with an implied narrative. Within this narrative, gender and racial ambiguity are all but guaranteed, and humans exist solely as consumers of the information they non-inasively collect from the universe. Drawing from my background as an immigrant and a  person existing in between many binaries, I subject my characters to a similar sense of isolation, bewilderment, and otherness. In contrast, however, I allow them to experience deep joy and satisfaction despite their isolation and subjugation by nature: in their scientific explorations, they wear expressions of arousal, wonder, and enchantment as they are pursued by bears, ensnared by kelp, and marooned in trenches under the sea.